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10 years of Twitter: Tweets that changed three lives

Published : 03/28/2016 19:30:00
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10 years of Twitter: Tweets that changed three lives

Ten years after Jack Dorsey launched Twitter with the words "just creating my twitter",  micro-blogging network has become part of the lives of million people, but also for some, it has meant a change of life.

From a marriage proposal in 140 characters to inspire a revolution from the comfort of your couch: users shared their stories to celebrate 10 years of Twitter. 

The first Twitter marriage proposal

   When the American Greg Rewis planned an unusual way to ask to marry his then girlfriend Stephanie, he decided to send a tweet after she had told him no through a private messaging service.

"I met my husband on Twitter"

   Sumita Dalmia, Atlanta, USA, has won in recent years almost US $ 10,000 in prizes thanks to Twitter, so her friends and family were not surprised that a chat of this social network led her to the true love.

"One day in September 2013 I was seeking tickets on Twitter for Jazzoo, an annual event held at the Zoo of Atlanta. I sought tickets for Jazoo and it appeared a tweet of Anuj Patel, who is now my fiancé, offering an extra ticket. By then he had already gotten rid of the pass but his biography of Twitter caught my attention because it works in sports and entertainment, a sector in which he was very interested in getting involved. We started chatting, tweets became direct messages and then emails, text messages and phone calls until we met in person. The rest is history I imagine ".

   In September 2013, Anuj organized a prepared statement for Sumita with Twitter as a subject.

   After boarding his girlfriend in a sort of treasure hunting around Atlanta through various tweets, Anuj knelt on the runway of a helicopter in the city center, with a great tweet asking for marriage.

"I found a career through Twitter"

   Marwa Mammoon, from Egypt, is a BBC journalist but in 2011 was a mother who did not work outside home.

   Pregnant of her second child and unable to participate in any demonstration during the Egyptian Revolution, she opened her Twitter account and changed her life.

   "I was sitting at home but I was politically active. I chose a new topic every couple of weeks, such as female genital mutilation, sexual harassment and other women's issues that are relevant in the Arab world and I wrote about them. I did not realize the power of influence it had. I just was venting myself. Before I knew it, I was named on Twitter as one of the most influential women in the Arab world. "

   "I was not a journalist. I had worked in marketing but I ended up working as editor of a website launched by a US investor."

   The website was successful and after a few years Marwa went to work for the United Nations. Later she worked at Radio Netherlands before joining the BBC.

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