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Amazon wants its customers to pay a selfie

Published : 04/03/2016 10:30:00
Categories : Apps

Amazon wants its customers to pay a selfie

Selfies follow the fashion and not only for pictures with friends. The latest addition to the fever of such images has been Amazon, which seeks the approval of a patent to replace passwords for self-portrait.

The multinational maintains the objective to improve the shopping experience of its customers. After the launch of purchasing a click, it expect this innovation is well received by customers.

The system, as transcended, is composed of two parts. In the first one the user, previously registered, can access to its account on Amazon using the camera in its smartphone. A habit that you would also have to be repeated when a transaction is validated.

In addition, says Amazon, the facial recognition software included in the patent will also ask the user to perform an extra action to improve the access security, for example, smiling or winking. 

Mastecard, pioneer.

The verification by a photo is not new. MasterCard has already tested this system with its customers in the United States and the Netherlands, furthermore, the Chinese giant Alibaba also uses it as a verification measure among its users.

However, Amazon believes that using this method alone is not safe enough because the selfie can be replaced by a photograph in front of the camera device with which it is making the purchase.

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