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Download a silent emergency alert on your mobile #FridayofApps.

Published : 04/01/2016 19:30:00
Categories : Apps

Download a silent emergency alert on your mobile #FridayofApps.

It comes another weekend of novelties and #FridayofApps, with free apps for your phone and tablet.

ComidaenlaU is a web app of homes for university students in Bogota, developed by three Colombian entrepreneurs at University of the Andes, which seeks to avoid the long lines and food supply problems for young people at universities.

To use the service, you must enter in, register with your university e-mail and choose the local restaurant of your choice. You must complete your order information and the place of the university in which you are located.

ComidaenlaU has more than 11,000 users and 40 collaborators students carrying food anywhere in the Javeriana, the Andes and Tadeo universities in Bogota.

It is expected that in coming months the service operates at universities such as the Sábana, the Externado, the Rosario and La Salle.


With Witness you may alert your loved ones during an emergency. For this, you must enter your contact friends or close relatives who will receive a message with your location at the moment you are in danger.

Pressing the panic button, the application will activate the camera and audio of your phone to record the event details.

Witness is free and is available for users of iOS.


With Dual you can have fun for hours playing with a friend through your cellphone. The application works as a multiplayer shooter and has three competitive modes.

To use it, you must download as the cell as the other player one and connect devices via Bluetooth. The game is easy to learn, and you should just aim and shoot at the target.

Dual is free and is only available for users of Android.

With information.

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