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Four dangers you can avoid in social networks.

Published : 03/28/2016 08:30:00
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Four dangers you can avoid in social networks.

Not long ago there was not even the phrase social networks. Now, for many of us, life has become: Eat. Sleep. Check the networks.

   Facebook alone has more than 1,500 million users worldwide. This changing world has brought new opportunities, but also dangers.

   Every week there seems to be a news headline from someone who has gotten into trouble through social media, but what are some of the greatest dangers so you can avoid them?

The troll

   Trolling is to write snide comments to disturb others.

   The British footballer Robbie Savage knows what it feels like to be on the final receiver and shared. "Social networks fascinated me, I was hit, but accepted it because I knew it was the type of player I was, but a few years ago, when my father died, it became unbearable. It started getting more difficult to bear messages. One of the first tweets I received said... 'Did your father rot already?' I do not understand how someone is at home and starts write that sort of thing. "

   Trolls can get into trouble. In 2012, the student Liam Stacey was jailed after making racist comments on Twitter about the footballer Fabrice Muamba.

   He later apologized but said he paid a high price for it, so he became a target of hatred. 

To become viral

   Jake Smith became the target of criticism after he posted a video of himself sliding down by the cables of a bridge.

   When you publish online content you can never be entirely sure what will happen next.

   While some people dream about becoming viral, others have discovered that they can get that kind of attention for the wrong reasons. 

Going too far

   Online challenges can be very popular, but can have tragic consequences.

   Stephen Brookes died in 2014 after participating in the challenge "neknominate": a drinking game that became fashionable a few years ago.

   Stephen had taken a bottle of vodka at once. It is believed that up to five deaths were caused by drinking neknominate game.

Not thinking about the future

   Everything you write on social networks has the potential to last forever.

   Although you delete it, someone already may have downloaded, recorded or made a screenshot of it. And you never know when it will come out in the future.

   In 2015, a British political candidate Huw Thomas had to apologize for comments he had made in a forum nine years earlier.

   With information.

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