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Google develops new application to transmit live video.

Published : 03/29/2016 08:30:00
Categories : App's & Web , Apps

Google develops new application to transmit live video.

   Google developed a new application called Connect YouTube Streaming, according to the VentureBeat site. This way the company tries to compete directly against Periscope, leader of live video transmissions.

   You can access the application from a Google or YouTube account to immediately begin viewing transmissions from the cellphone. It will also include chat features and a "news service" that shows the latest clips from friends or users to which a person is subscribed on YouTube.

   The videos will be live within the application and on the YouTube site in their respective channels. It will also be possible, once finalized, saving transmissions and then looking at them. Google still works so the application is integrated with Facebook or Twitter, and to make it easier for users to share live videos from other social networks.

   Connect YouTube comes at a time when Google has lagged behind in the livestreaming, having lost ground to applications such as Periscope, Meerkat and Facebook live. Especially Twitter, which in the earnings report of the last quarter of 2015, it highlighted the importance of Periscope-of its property- through its director, Jack Dorsey: "Twitter works live: live commentary, live conversations and live connections for the latest news, sports or the subject of the day. The best way to learn is by learning at the time and watching live broadcasts. And there's the power of Twitter ".

   For his part, Mark Zuckerberg has also demonstrated the importance of live video from Facebook live there. Also, Snapchat is another application that excels in the livestreaming and has been used by international news networks. Youtube look with its new application for attracting such audiences and earning a place in the market, which now is dominated by Periscope.

   It is not known yet when it will be available, but according VentureBeat- it is likely to be before the Google developer conference that will be held in May. YouTube Connect can be used in both Android and iOS devices.

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