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How to locate a person inside a building quickly?

Published : 03/29/2016 19:30:00
Categories : Apps

How to locate a person inside a building quickly?

Telefónica has developed (and indeed it is already testing) a new and totally revolutionary geolocation service. Which combines all the current systems we know and that is called "multisensory location".

   It allows, according to the operator, to locate anyone with a meter of precision, even if it is inside a building or in any enclosed space where GPS does not work.

   This new service operates and uses a maximum percentage of measurements of all phone sensors from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth, also the gyroscope or accelerometer of it. Even the magnetometer, which measures the Earth's magnetism, this is only the magnetic fields of the planet, which are everywhere. Together with all these data, the more exact and accurate location is obtained in market today.

   And thanks to a specific application, the "smartphone" includes all variations recorded by its multiple sensors along a concrete way, as in the case of a hallway inside a building. At the same time the person is mobilized, the phone sends all this data through 4G (and soon 5G) network to a server in the cloud of Telefonica and then, through a series of advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence, selects the most relevant data depending on the scenario.

   Combining all these data, the system has the ability to estimate the position and even user behavior with amazing accuracy. For example, in a hospital, each user will find that easy the consultation where it has to go. The same system can also be used in other settings such as bus or train stations, or in an airport, to prevent the so-called "hot spots" and preventing agglomeration.

   This new technology will allow an "geopositioned marketing", which will allow, for example, that customers who roam a shopping center receive on their terminals any advertising or messages associated with the shop by which they are passing at that time (a little invasive but novel).

   This multisensory location can also be used in companies and factories, allowing to locate the nearest staff in case of any incident, which will help to improve the distribution of staff or to monitor machinery or people. Currently the system is already available and within just a few days it will begin to work in some health centers in Spain.

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