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PlayStation also wants to adapt their games to mobile phones.

Published : 03/30/2016 19:30:00
Categories : Apps

PlayStation also wants to adapt their games to mobile phones.

It is clear that the use of smartphones is much higher than the consoles. For this reason the most popular companies in the gamer world have decided to adapt their games for iOS and Android.

For a year, Nintendo was doing it (some of its most popular games can now be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play) and now the leader of videogame technology, Sony, will too, according to what it announced the same company.

The company created a new division, Forward Works, which deals with mobile services from next month. The announcement comes two weeks ago after Nintendo launched in Japan its first application for mobile phones, Miitomo.

The emergence of this new section of Sony smartphone, comes for the hard sales figures for the PlayStation Vita, the portable that has not had the expected success. In addition, Forward Works wil begin to work on 1 April, the same day that Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) will be renamed as Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE).

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